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Preselecting the Sex of the Baby & Child Spacing

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Preselecting the sex of your baby and child spacing: Issues in Natural Family Planning and Health Education is a guide to couples wishing to preselect a baby boy or girl and who wish to space births. This book will also be useful to adults, youths, individuals and students who want to enter into marriage because it will expose them to sex education thereby preventing unsafe abortion and unwanted pregnancies. It will be useful also to childless couples who cannot pinpoint the actual day of their ovulation. The book is also useful to men and women who are interested in natural family planning as a method of birth control.

            This book is structured into 7 chapters with explanation and illustrations. It is aimed at providing the reader with comprehensive information on how to avoid or achieve pregnancy using natural family planning; how couples can use natural family planning to preselect the sex of their baby and space births. The book also provides information on how breast feeding can help in child spacing and natural family planning. Studies have shown that if woman is providing all or most of her baby’s food through breastfeeding and not having menstrual periods, she has 98 percent protection from pregnancy in the first six months of her baby’s life.

            Natural family planning is an umbrella term for certain methods used in the observation of natural occurring signs and symptoms of the fertile and infertile phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that natural family planning has no side effects and medical contraindications. Natural family planning promotes closeness and love in marriage. It promotes openness to life and recognizes the value of the child by respecting the love giving and life giving nature of marriage. It can help women recognize normal and abnormal vaginal secretions so as to be aware of possible infections and it is acceptable to all faith and culture.

            Studies have also shown that if natural family methods are used according to instructions, they can be up to 99 percent effective. This means that only one of 100 women using natural family planning methods correctly will get unwanted pregnancy. Understanding and applying the methods presented in this book will assist couples to preselect the sex of their baby and space births. The questions and answers, bible quotations, references and reading suggestions at the end of the chapter will be very useful to readers. Get a copy now and you will be glad you did.                                                                                                

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